Hi. I'm Kate.

I just completed an undergraduate degree emphasizing in graphic design and video journalism at Utah State University.

In 2012 I picked up a weird UX design obsession while interning at NPRDS (National Public Radio Digital Services) that I can't seem to shake. Since then I have interned at Icon Health and Fitness, Utah State's Student Sustainability Office, Utah Public Radio and now am honored to work as the head UX/UI designer at Tatemae. 

However that's doesn't say a bunch about who I am. I am a member of a (pedal) bike mob. And I ride at any chance I get whether it be in the mountains or on the road. I love talking to strangers (cashiers, fellow bus riders, other hikers and your average solo movie goer). I love hip hop and most of the copious subgenera of indie music. But when I'm designing the only thing I can listen to are NPR podcasts like Radiolab or Snap Judgment. If you'd like to chat with me feel free to message me below. I'd love to hear from you.

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