interactive video installation: Trigger WArning

conducted research suggests survivors with PTSD have a very real need to discuss their situation with others to resolve inner turmoil. Art plays a meaningful role in developing the moral imagination in its ability to confront the viewer with another reality. Trigger Warning bridges the gap between knowledge and understandinG. It's conquers the idea of pulling oneself into a mentality of truth, effort and courage when taking a POSITION of empathy.

Trigger Warning creates an impactful visualization, recreating the fundamental symptoms of PTSD. By mimicking a first person point of view, the project makes it possible to educate audiences through an exercise of empathy. As the imagery projects around the individual it mimics the disorientation experienced by survivors. With the aid of motion sensor technology (Ardunino), the use of filming utilizing a mount (GoPro, Canon t3i and shoulder mount) and a three dimensional projection individuals who attended began meaningful conversations about domestic violence.

Through creating this project I became aware of users within three-dimensional spaces. This idea evolved multiple times based on rigorous testing using three small computer monitors to an eventually fully realized piece.